Social-Emotional Learning

Social-emotional learning is a crucial part of every school. Here is a simple breakdown of how to ensure your students have the support they need to succeed. Read More

Nearpod and the Social-Emotional Classroom

I would love to share a blog post I authored about how Nearpod has impacted learning in my social-emotional focused classroom. I fell in love with this platform years ago and now Nearpod is an essential part of my classroom every single day. Nearpod is a game-changer for student engagement, time management, data organization, and Read More

Leaping into middle school with confidence

A 5th grade boy asked me if he was going to get crushed in the hallway. A 5th grade girl worried that she wouldn’t get the lock on her locker opened fast enough. Questions flooded out as my students expressed so many concerns about…middle school. It wasn’t all worry. My students were excited about different Read More

10 books that absolutely made me a better educator. (Updated)

I am a book addict. I absolutely love reading and being inspired by great books, authors, and educators. Here is my top ten list that I recommend every educator read…(and some social media recommendations to stay connected with the authors as well). Kids Deserve It! If you want to be motivated, inspired and ready to incorporate Read More

5th graders & freshmen. Why elementary school students should be engaged on postsecondary campuses.

To some of our students, a postsecondary campus is as elusive as Narnia. It can easily seem like a mythical place where you need a special door to access all that it has to offer. It can feel out of reach. We can change this and make a powerful difference for students starting in elementary Read More